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Stone students hope to cash in on some festive flair

Young Enterprise team has "upcycled" vintage crockery to create cake stands


Tiers of Joy, made from “up cycled” crocs

Vintage cake displays and stands for modern technology are just two of the products being offered as ideal Christmas presents by young businesspeople.

This year’s Young Enterprise competition is in full swing in Staffordshire. And if you venture to local markets in the coming weeks the chances are you will see the teenage entrepreneurs selling their products.

The girls at St Dominic’s Priory School in Stone are offering a pretty way to store teatime treats with their firm, Tiers of Joy.

Inspired by resurgence in home baking, they have “upcycled” vintage crockery to create cake stands, which they have been selling at events including the school Christmas fair and a craft market at Stoke on Trent’s Victoria Hall.

Follow the team’s progress – and find out where they will be selling their stands next – at their Facebook page, tiersofjoy.stdoms.

At Wolgarston High School in Penkridge the Dynamic team are also marketing a handy stand – this time for tablets.

The Dynastand is created out of acrylic plastic and fits a tablet of any size, allowing your tablet to sit on any surface so you can use it hands-free for working, cooking using a recipe, reading, playing games or anything else.

Dynamic will be selling their Dynastands at Penkridge Market on Saturday.

They can also arrange delivery. Find out more at