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“We’ll make the most of our link with Young Enterprise in 2014” says small business leader

We have appointed Young Enterprise as our official charity, says FSB Chairman John Allan

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FSB Chairman John Allan

FSB Chairman John Allan has used his New Year message to the 200,000 small business leaders in his organisation to say that 2014 will see the blossoming of its partnership with Britain’s largest enterprise education charity.

The Federation of Small Businesses has just named Young Enterprise as its official charity and the two bodies have agreed an impressive agenda of joint activities in the coming year.

In his message he stressed that the FSB was putting the well being of young people at the heart of its work at a time when youth unemployment remains a serious problem.

“The economy continues to show signs of recovery with further growth expected next year. This must be underpinned by increasing the skills base and getting young people into the jobs market must be a priority,” he said.

“The FSB long-called for Government to look at national insurance contributions to incentivise small firms to take on staff and the employment allowance and the young persons’ allowance will have a positive impact when they begin. We have appointed Young Enterprise as our official charity and we will make the most of this exciting partnership to encourage enterprise education in schools across the country.”

Mr Allen said 2014 is going to be the year of small business. In his New Year message he says the main political parties have begun to set out their priorities for the coming years as the 2015 General Election looms.

“With almost all of the UK’s 4.9 million businesses being small, their votes will count dearly and each party will contend for their attention. As the UK’s leading business organisation, the FSB has a major role to play, and our influence has never been stronger.

“Indeed the issues affecting small firms have been hot topics this year as energy, business rates and access to finance made many of the headlines.

“I am shocked by the high cost of business rates. In some cases small firms pay more in rates than rent. This cannot be right and the appeals process is often lengthy and unfair. Given the cost and unfair process, we are pleased the Government has committed to address the appeals backlog, a key ask for the FSB in the Autumn Statement. The extension of Small Business Rate Relief is another win for us, however our work on business rates is not done. We will step up our pressure for a fundamental review of the system.

“The business energy market is also in desperate need of reform. We want to see radical measures put in place to increase transparency in the market and allow small firms to switch to more competitive energy deals with ease.

“FSB research shows utilities costs are the biggest barrier to growth for around fifth of small businesses. Unlike households, small firms can’t access published prices making it almost impossible to work out their future overheads. It isn’t right that most micro businesses consume the same amount of energy as an average household yet are treated differently. It is only right that they are offered the same level of regulatory protection as domestic consumers.”


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