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My new Beanie!



Hello again everyone,

So last week Tiffanie and I created/updated our “Contact” page and, if you’ve read it, you might recall that I have quite the fondness for beanie head wear… Well, you guessed it (maybe), this post is going to be about my admiration for my very new beanie that has been on my head every day since I acquired it last Friday – I think a whole week is a great length of time for an in depth review of a hat, don’t you? Well if you said, “yes” then great! If you said, “no” then…….. On with the review.


It’s so soft and warm, and it sits on the back of my head perfectly, and I mean perfectly! You know how you have some of those beanies that when you put them on the back of your head they slide off, or don’t sit right, or you feel like you have to hold your head in some stiff manner because if you turn the wrong way, just ever so slightly, then they fall off completely? Well not this beanie! I just realized that I’m sounding like some hideous infomercial with the horridly over-exaggerated acting, but I promise you that if you love beanies, then you will love this one.

It’s just so comfortable, cute, and cozy – and really, if you like layer-up, bundle-up, wintery-type clothing this fits right in. Anyway the beanie is from COMMANDO – this is their little blurb about themselves on their website:

Commando is a company formed of eight students aged 17-18. All the management are in full time education and run the business in addition to their studies. The brand was established in September 2012 as part of the Young Enterprise scheme. Having come third nationally and winning the overall Marketing prize, Commando decided to continue business on an independent basis.


Ok let’s get real for a second here. I am NOT being sponsored NOR am I affiliated with this company in any way (Although I would very much like to be). So I’m not trying to sell you any product I’m just expressing my love for this hat – here, I’ll tell you how much I like em’. I live in America, Washington state to be exact. These guys are based in the UK. I bought one of their beanies online and waited a week and a half for it to get here, paying shipping and handling and everything. When I got it (Tiffanie was with me on the momentous occasion by the way) I immediately loved it so much that with my OWN money I went and bought two more…. I’m still not sure whether to congratulate or hate myself… but, I love hats, what can I say.

Anyway that’s my review, basically it’s brilliant and I want to wear it forever. I will leave you with my slightly narcissistic self, taking pictures of me and my new hat 🙂

Best wishes and Happy Holidays

Be Safe and make good choices,

– Miranda


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