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Enterprising Knox Academy team making shoppers app-y!

With food costs rising, they decided their app, called VALU£ IT, would help save people money

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The team that created the app

A GROUP of enterprising Knox Academy pupils have developed a new mobile phone application which allows shoppers to compare products and calculate which one is better value for money.

The app was designed by the Haddington school’s Team Emerge, a seven-strong group of sixth-year students taking part in the nationwide Young Enterprise Challenge.

The pupils had to create, research, build and market an innovative product.

With food costs rising, they decided their app, called VALU£ IT, would help save people money.

The Knox team, which includes managing director Amie Cowan, operations manager Connor Tinch, finance director Kirsty Steven, HR manager Catherine Dodson, sales manager Emma Scott, IT director Yve Barry and marketing directors Holly Taylor and Shannon McLauchlan, signed up fellow students at Knox Academy who held computer coding skills and contracted them to build the app based on their design.

Amie Cowan said: “We wanted to take part in Young Enterprise, a not-for-profit business and enterprise education charity, so we started Team Emerge to take part in this year’s competition.”

The 79p app, which has just been launched on Google Playstore, has already won Best Product Award at the recent Young Enterprise Christmas Market, which includes all the teams from throughout the Lothians.

The final regional and national awards are at the end of the academic year and are based on a final report and interview.
Councillor Shamin Akhtar, East Lothian Council’s education and children’s wellbeing spokepserson, said: “This a fantastic venture and one which lots of us will find very useful.

“I think all of us struggle in the supermarket sometimes when trying to make sense of the different unit prices and special offers. An app that gives you like-for-like comparisons is a real boon.

“Congratulations to Team Emerge for developing the app and for doing so well in the area awards. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that they get the recognition they deserve at the regional and national awards.”

The VALU£ IT app is only available for the Android platform, but plans are in place to expand to Apple in the future.

To download the 79p app, go to Google Playstore :

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