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Sir Richard Branson blogs: What could you do with a fiver?

Read Richard Branson's brilliant blog about the launch of our joint project - The Fiver Challenge

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If releasing doves is a sign of peace, I wonder what my mother releasing budgerigars signifies?

At the time of the incident it certainly felt as though it was marking my first failure in business.

My best friend Nik Powell and I had embarked on our maiden business venture aged 11, it was the summertime and we had decided to set about breeding budgies.

We thought we had spotted a gap in the market and would be able to sell them as pets, however what we didn’t foresee was the rapid rate at which they multiplied – we simply couldn’t sell them quick enough!

The end of the holidays and our return to boarding school left my mother with only one option – to open their cages and set them free.

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