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Students from Immanuel College impress judges at trade fair at Intu Watford Shopping Centre

Sapphire sells headphone earmuffs and Bravada supplies ‘The Erase Case’


Team Sapphire

Enterprising Students from a college in Bushey were at the Intu Watford Shopping Centre recently selling their products at a trade fair.

Two of Immanuel College’s Young Enterprise teams, Sapphire and Bravada, sold their products at the fair held on Sunday, January 26.

Team Sapphire developed earmuffs which are also headphones, whilst Bravada are the first UK suppliers of ‘The Erase Case’ – mobile phone and ipad cases that people can design themselves. The judges said they were extremely impressed with both teams, and Sapphire came away with the Special Achievement Award.

Team Sapphire said: “Through Young Enterprise we’ve learned so much about what’s involved in running a business. Most of all we’ve learned how to pull together as a team. We were really excited to win our special achievement award and want to keep on improving our business.”

Team Bravada said: “Together we have picked up important life skills along the way. We have all really enjoyed our time as Team Bravada and encourage pupils in the future to take part.”

The products are available to buy at Immanuel, with a percentage of the profits donated to Shevet Achim.

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