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Young Enterprise at Sandbatch School

Ingenium's mission is to provide a variety of products from simple stationary sheets



Young entrepreneurs are thriving at Sandbach School though a special enterprise project.

Ingenium – a company set up under the Young Enterprise scheme – has its headquarters at the school and has been operational since September.

Its mission is to provide a variety of products from simple stationary sheets providing services for education, to a t-shirt range catering for the clothing sector, to a variety of seasonal products that change as the year goes on.

A spokesman said: “Our biggest seller so far has been the hugely popular Christmas wreaths.

“These were quality, homemade products that immediately caught shoppers’ eyes.

‘There was a choice of different sizes and types of wreaths available.

“To continue this success, Ingenium will be having Easter baskets and wreaths that will fit nicely for the Easter and spring period.

“We have had trade events so far at Radbrook Hall, Barclay’s technology HQ and at the Christmas Concert.

“For the future we aim to continue to broaden the range of products we offer and are even working on a personalised revision guide for Geography to get professionally printed for use exclusively at Sandbach School.

“We also aim to get out into the local community more and sell more of our products.

“As well as the product side of Ingenium, we are also in exclusive partnership with the NeuroMuscular Centre (NMC) in Winsford.

“This charity provides services and help for people suffering from muscular dystrophy such as their graphic design training course that allows them to gain a qualification and gain employability in graphic design.

“We are proud to support this link to the NMC and hope to donate a substantial amount of our post-tax profit to them at the end of the year.

“In addition we have donation pots on all of our trade stands and we are having booklets printed through their design and print service.”

The ultimate aim of Ingenium is to get to the finals of the Young Enterprise competition in London – but in the meantime it’s all about the operations, product development and the sale of useful and exclusive products to the Great British public.

The spokesman added: “Much of this has been made possible with the help, advice and intervention of our link teacher between the school and the scheme, Mrs Henshaw.

“All of us at Ingenium would like to thank her for all she has done so far for us.”


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