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Broadening horizons with Young Enterprise…

Horizon, a team based at the Isle of Wight College sixth form, raised £285 at the Wightlink Christmas Trade Fair

Horizon-Young-Enterprise-IW-College-620x350Young Enterprise 2014 is in full swing, with eight teams on the Isle of Wight taking part in the prestigious business competition.

Each team must set up and run a successful business for one year, which culminates in a presentation in May, where one team is chosen to go through to the regional heat.

Horizon, a team based at the Isle of Wight College sixth form, have so far met with success, raising £285 at the Wightlink Christmas Trade Fair, the highest sales figure of the day.

“It was a really good day for us, because it showed all of the hard work everyone put in had paid off,” said Jade Kilian, 16.

James Scott, 17, added: “We thought we’d do okay, but we weren’t sure what to expect. It was amazing to hear we’d made the most money – that was a nice surprise!”

The team sold personalised mugs at the fair, an idea they are now expanding to include cake stands, wine glasses and other products.

The mugs were the brainchild of Jody Blackmore, 16, who said: “I did them as presents after I saw them on Tumblr, and then suggested them as a product. Everyone really liked the idea, and it went from there.”

Commenting on the success of the product, she added: “It’s all down to teamwork. We all have an input, and everyone’s really efficient.”

Young Enterprise encourages students to get involved with business on a practical level, and Horizon’s members all agree that it is a valuable experience.

Dylan Milne, 17, said: “You get to put it on your CV afterwards and you get to take the knowledge and skills with you into the working world. It’s definitely worth doing.”

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