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Jobshop UK help Young Enterprise students apply for employment

Secondary pupils get fastest route to skills, attitudes and behaviours to boost their employability and enterprise

Frances and Tracey

Frances and Tracey

Pupils at Corfe Hills School were lucky enough to benefit from the professional experience and advice of Jobshop UK Directors, Tracey Wood and Frances Miles, as part of the Young Enterprise programme.

The programme aims to offer secondary pupils the fastest route to acquire skills, attitudes and behaviours to boost their employability and enterprise.

Tracey and Frances explained to the students about the drastic changes the employment market has undergone since 2008 when the recession hit, how things stand now as the country continues its recovery, which industries are showing the most growth, and where the skills shortages lie; in engineering, IT, digital and creative marketing and accounting.

The Directors expressed the importance of an accurate and full CV when applying for jobs and how, surprisingly to some, 75% of companies will choose personality over skills during the selection process. With this in mind, they then discussed which personality traits and skills were most favoured, with flexibility, attitude, positivity, adaptability, computer skills, an ability to look ahead, and being a team-worker, being the most desired traits.

Top job hunting do’s and don’ts and a discussion on role models showed that along with Bill Gates and David Beckham, today’s young people count Malala Yousafzai, Jessica Ennis and Jessie J among those they respect and admire.

Tracey Wood said: “We are always happy to involve ourselves with the Young Enterprise Scheme and on this occasion had the opportunity to speak to 24 students about the current recruitment market and hopefully improve their knowledge and understanding of the application process, which can seem a daunting prospect for young people. The students interacted with enthusiasm and intelligence, asking very pertinent questions, proving the scheme is both useful and necessary for today’s school leavers.”

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