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School day is a load of pants for Bonington Tenner Relay kids

Pupils at Richard Bonington Primary, in Arnold, took part in a series of fun fund-raising activities


Fun event: Dumo Mkweli, 10, teacher Kerry Meek, and Isabelle McCormack, 11, with pants on their head at Richard Bonington Primary School, in Arnold.

WEARING pants on your head and doing the Harlem Shake might not sound like your typical classroom scene – but it was all par for the course at one Notts primary school.

As part of a national charity challenge, pupils at Richard Bonington Primary, in Arnold, took part in a series of fun fund-raising activities yesterday.

LISTEN: BBC Radio Nottingham breakfast show broadcast from the Bonington Tenner Relay sleepover!

Organised by teacher Kerry Meek, the event called “I’m in Year 6 Get Me Out of Here!” took inspiration from the ITV show, with a day full of games and competitions, concluding with a sleepover at the school.

Parents and other schoolchildren had been sending in their dares for weeks, which they honoured for charity cash upon completion.

Richard Bonington will be competing with ten other schools across the country to see which can raise the most money.

It’s part of a project called the Tenner Relay challenge, where each school is given a small amount of cash to create a memorable and successful fundraiser.

Mrs Meek said it offered the children something a little more dynamic than the usual charity drive.

She said: “We thought of doing something like cake sales and toy sales but thought we out to do something different

“They were very excited. They were all in their pyjamas, and there was a real buzz and atmosphere as well.

“I think they were excited about sleeping in the school and were quite enjoying the eating challenges too.”

The school was close to raising £400 yesterday but will continue to take donations over the coming week.

Eating sugary donuts without licking their lips, eating pickled onions and performing impromptu renditions of Gangnam Style were among some of other stunts enjoyed by the pupils.

Frankie Monks, ten, said he’d been having a whale of a time. “All of it it’s been really fun,” he said. “I like the eating challenges. We had to see how many Jaffa Cakes you can eat at once. I reckon I can do five.”

Ryan Keenan, ten, said he’d enjoyed dancing the most but there were some challenges he was not so keen on. He said: “I really like doing the Harlem Shake. I just went wild.

“I didn’t like putting pants on my head though because they were my sister’s knickers.”

Isabelle McCormack, 11 said she was really looking forward to the night at the school.

She said: “For me, doing the Gangnam Style was my favourite part. Everyone had pants on their head and a couple of us went outside and put pants on top of our shorts.”

The money the school raises through the sponsored activities will go to disability charity Scope.

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