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Teenagers set up career-helping website

“We started looking for problems rather than an idea when thinking of a new company to create”.

diceOn February 14th, DICE was launched in Bournemouth. The company provides assistance for young people living in the local area struggling to get into the working industry. It has been set up and running for a few days now and is already turning out to be a success.

DICE is run by the young enterprise scheme. The concept and idea came from 7 young individuals (who are still studying fo their GCSE’s and A levels) who are passionate and enthusiastic about their idea and have been aided by their mentors and advisers to fulfil this.

DICE is aimed at 15-24 year olds in Bournemouth and providing assistance in their chosen career paths, as well as being an advertising platform for local businesses to advertise any vacancies they have.

Being young individuals themselves, they have created a solution to the problems they encounter on a daily basis in the search for a job. Kofo Paul said: “We started looking for problems rather than an idea when thinking of a new company to create”.

DICE stands for Dream, Inspire, Create and Evolve – and these are terms young people should be aspiring to and confronted with on a daily basis. The company is based in Bournemouth, and their aim is provide assistance with all things career-related for students and also young adults.

With Bournemouth being a thriving town for business and prospects, the freshly innovated company is enclosed with businesses looking for new employees and work experiences and apprenticeships within a 10 mile radius of the area for anyone of any age. DICE offers the prospects for all these opportunities to be complied in one place – making it easier for the younger generation to access them.

They have been running since early October, and after collating a wide range of research DICE was born. They are focusing on the Bournemouth and Poole area and are hoping to expand to a wider radius in time. While the launch was a few days ago, they are now planning on going into schools to promote their company as well as handing out business cards to the local industries in the area

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