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BAE Systems ambassadors were on hand to assist the teams

barrow airNinety students from St Bernard’s Catholic High School, in Barrow, were tasked with setting up their own airline company by Young Enterprise.

The 13- and 14-year-olds formed their travel businesses and created team roles.

The teams were given a virtual budget. They had to design a business plan to buy planes, devise flight schedules and routes, and create advertising strategies for their companies. They also designed up a mock plane tail fin with their branding.

Young Enterprise representatives and BAE Systems ambassadors were on hand to assist the teams, including two ex St Bernard’s students, Sarah Johnson and Gabby Steele from BAE.

The teams presented their companies to a panel of judges.

Mark Mills, a St Bernard’s teacher who has a careers enrichment role, said: “We were very impressed by the Young Enterprise challenge which engaged 90 students and also by the ambassadors who worked with them.

“The students had to demonstrate skills such as teamwork, leadership and communication throughout the day. They then had to present their designs and accounts to a panel.”

The winning team was presented with prizes and medals.

The victorious students will now become ambassadors themselves when they lead a challenge day for primary school children from St Bernard’s feeder schools.

The task will be held in the summer and Mr Mills said the team will be able to show leadership and responsibility.

The challenge will have the same principles as the airline task but will be suitable for a primary age group.

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