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Blog: Old Spitalfields Market

Development Intern Stephanie shares her thoughts on the pan-London trade fair at Old Spitalfields Market




On the 12th of February Old Spitalfields Market turned into a colourful and vibrant trading scene with 43 Young Enterprise student companies. From the early morning on, students prepared their trade stands and arranged their unique products to attract attention and boost sales.



The young entrepreneurs were pitching products ranging from customisable cloths hangers, decorative accessories made out of bamboo and collapsible water bottles to recycled clockwork jewellery and more seasonal products such as hand made Valentine’s gifts.

It was impressive to see the variety of innovative, unique and extraordinary products the students were trading, and with great enthusiasm despite the cold and windy weather conditions.

Not to mention the hard work before the trade fair. The students had to face many challenges when setting up and running their own company— from electing a board of directors from amongst their peers and raising shared capital to market and finance their product.

As part of Young Enterprise’s Company Programme they were supported and guided by a skilled business mentor during this challenging time.


The teenage entrepreneurs were actively advertising and demonstrating their wares with great dedication, which made it impossible to go through the Trade Fair without buying some of these inventive products.

The incredible profusion of products and the bursting enthusiasm of the young entrepreneurs made this an fabulous trading day where the students could demonstrate the business skills they acquired throughout the last months!