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Hailsham students take part in business project

“Being given a physical £10 note makes the event very real"

hailsham team

The Hailsham team

Students from Hailsham Community College took part in a special project to hone their business skills last week.

The pupils participated in the UK’s first ever Young Enterprise Tenner Relay where they used their business acumen to set up stalls selling accessories including mobile phone cases, jewellery and bangles.

Other pupils operated their own shoe shine business and there was even a mini cinema on the day.

The Young Enterprise Tenner Relay saw a £10 note travel the length of the country challenging school children to turn it into more money by doing something creative and enterprising.

Students from Hailsham Community College managed to make £360 from their business schemes from their £10 in one day. The pupils invested their £10 to start up their micro businesses and also used their business plan to get loans from teachers and investors. The pupils have decided to donate the total money raised to Winston’s Wish, a charity that supports children who have suffered bereavement.

Student Emil Edghouch, 17, said: “Being given a physical £10 note makes the event very real and on the back of this we have realised how important good negotiation and selling skills are. You could say business is booming in Hailsham Community College.”

Simon Mills, Head of Business at Hailsham Community College, added: “The Tenner Challenge is a wonderful opportunity for Hailsham students to show their enterprising qualities. The whole concept is akin to lighting a firework of possibilities in their minds. They’ve had a range of creative ideas and it is great to see such enthusiasm.”

Nusrat Ghani, Conservative MP candidate for Wealden, also attended the event.

She said: “The Tenner Relay project is a great way of getting young people engaged in enterprise and encouraging creativity, leadership, teamwork and business sense. At the launch of the relay I met with the students of Hailsham Community College who had set up car washing, jewellery, cake bakes and phone case businesses. I was impressed with the students’ presentation and selling style, they are our future business leaders.”

Michael Mercieca, chief executive of Young Enterprise, added: “The Tenner Relay is aimed to unite like-minded students from different regions of the country to participate on one team towards a charitable cause, but most importantly to have fun while doing it.”

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