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In pictures: Herschel triumph at Young Enterprise fair

"What has impressed me the most is the enthusiasm and passion"

hershelThe Rococo team, from Herschel Grammar School, in Northampton Avenue, Slough, won first prize at the Windsor Young Enterprise Fair for the ties.

Two other teams from Herschel, Level 3 and Casus, won second and third price for their educational posters and t-shirts.

Held in Windsor Royal Shopping Centre, in Thames Street, the fair follows previous events in Maidenhead’s Nicholson Centre and Slough Observatory.

Students from across the Royal Borough and Slough have put their spare time towards the project. Each team started up their business from scratch, created a product, and sold it at the trade fairs.

The competition was set up by business education charity, Young Enterprise, and supported by Maidenhead and District Chamber of Commerce.

The chamber’s education group chairman, Mike Miller, explained that the youngsters have developed entrepreneurial skills that will help them in their future careers.

He pointed towards research from Kingston University which shows that Young Enterprise students are up to 50 per cent more likely to achieve top grades in their A-levels.

He said: “What has impressed me the most is the enthusiasm and passion shown by both the students and their advisers.

“It is friendly competition with a very competitive edge. If the youth of today are not to be the lost generation then as many students as possible should participate and learn the skills that have made the UK one of the top entrepreneurial nations in the world.”

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