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WEYMOUTH: Enterprising duo sells storm postcards

“We decided to start a business called Storms R Us selling Portland Postcards of the storms that happened recently"



PICTURE: Sharla Helms (left) and Charlotte Pascoe.

Two blue chip ten-year-old schoolgirls have started up their own business selling postcards of the recent ferocious storms which battered Portland.

Sharla Helms and Charlotte Pascoe go to the Isle of Portland Aldridge Community Academy’s Southwell Campus where they are taking part in a national project run by Young Enterprise called Grow your Tenner.

The two said: “Over the next month we have to start our own business to make as much profit as we can and complete some challenges as we go including designing a logo, filming a sales pitch and making a trade stand. We also had to write a business proposal explaining what business we’d do if the school agreed to lend us £10.

“We decided to start a business called Storms R Us selling Portland Postcards of the storms that happened recently and how the beach has changed because of them.

“We took some of the pictures ourselves and some have been donated by our mums and their friends on Facebook.

“We’ve also been helped by Portland Pride which has match funded our first £10 so that we could afford to print 100 colour postcards and sell them at a profit. Portland Pride has also let us use their computers, lent us display stands and will be selling our cards in their shop in Easton.

Pride director Kim Wilcocks said: “Portland Pride was created to showcase local talent. Storms R Us is the perfect example of this, two young entrepreneurs coming together to create a fantastic and unique product inspired by the Island. We are proud to be working with them and supporting this year’s The Tenner Challenge.”

The girls said: “We will be donating 60 percent of anything we make to Island Community Action, a Portland charity that helps older people by running clubs and helping them to get to places and get the help they need.”

As part of the project the two girls went to Easton Square to carry out market research, so that they’d know how much to sell the cards for, before agreeing 50 pence was a fair price.

The two have also been invited to The Heights Hotel on Portland to make a sales pitch and the hotel has agreed to sell the cards.

The two girls concluded: “We hope to sell loads of cards to make lots of money for charity and pay our investors back and hopefully make enough money to pay for ourselves to go to the cinema in Weymouth and do some shopping for Mothers’ Day because our mums have been great helping us with Storms R Us.”

Postcards are also being sold at Whitestones Coffee Shop, Jacksons Café, Flair Hairdressers, Osprey Leisure Centre, The Blue Fish Café, The Cove House Inn, The ICA office and The British Legion in Fortuneswell.

Anyone else who would like to stock the cards or order some for themselves can contact the two girls on 07403 430 530 or by emailing [email protected] or [email protected]