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Braille board game made at Hereford college could be national first

The Braille version of the game will be sold for £12.99 while the non Braille version will be priced at £5.99.


Unlucky 7 is the Braille board game created by Young Enterprise students at RNC.The iAGames team is (from left to right), Collin Perreira, Scott Perkins, Serkan Atila, Alex Green (M.D.) & Haydar Ali-Ismail. Photo by James Maggs. (4591425)

Business-minded students at a Hereford College believe they may have created a nationwide first.

The young enterprise students at the Royal National College for the Blind (RNC) have spent months working on “Unlucky 7” – a Braille board game – and believe it could be the first of its kind.

Designed and created by iAGames – the student company behind the product – Unlucky 7 asks players to take it in turns to roll two dice and then cover up the corresponding number on their board.

The first to cover all numbers is the winner but with “chance” cards in the mix and “unlucky sevens” the direction of the game can change at any time.

iAGames Managing director Alex Green said: “The Royal National Institute for the Blind doesn’t sell Braille board games so this is very unique.

“We started by making a game for sighted people first, although we were always considering a Braille version too.

“Then we had a stall at the Christmas Cracker event and sold a fair amount of travel versions of the sighted games, both during the day and afterwards.

“But a lot of people were interested in Braille as well. The Braille version is taking a lot longer to complete and requires a lot of effort but we have been working on it twice a week.”

RNC student Haydar Ali-Ismail said: “In general it’s a lot bigger than the sighted version. We decided to make bigger playing cards and chance cards and experimented with velcro and other products to see what people would prefer but in the end used clear paper for the Braille.

“We were very lucky that, because this took place at the RNC, there were experts we could consult.

“We made 150 cards and the minimum number of games we are going to make will be 10. We have also been approached about the possibility of making a French version.”

The Braille version of the game will be sold for £12.99 while the non Braille version will be priced at £5.99.


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