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We are Yorkshire

'We Are Reet Organised' features (though somewhat tongue in cheek!) on the cover of the premier notebook range.

we.are.yorkshire team

The team is from Skipton High School

WE.ARE.YORKSHIRE is the latest young enterprise company to stem from Skipton Girls’ High School

The co-operative, of seventeen 16-17 year old girls, was formed as part of the Young Enterprise Charity Scheme; an organisation, set up in 1963, to forge links between schools and industry with the aim “to inspire and equip young people to learn and succeed through enterprise”.

WE.ARE.YORKSHIRE was born through a mutual desire of the students, to recognise and celebrate their native county. A brand image of the Yorkshire Rose, designed by the girls themselves, heads their idea of a fresh appreciation of God’s Own County! The Rose has already found its way onto the product range, alongside various “Yorkshireisms” (the iconic dialect played a key part in the initial inspiration of the company). ‘We Are Reet Organised’, for example, features (though somewhat tongue in cheek!) on the cover of the premier notebook range.

At the forefront of the company is an ethos of Yorkshire exclusivity and identity which is at the heart of the brand DNA. As such, the company prides itself on sourcing from Yorkshire, as proudly stated on the product labels ‘Designed and Made in Yorkshire’.

Working in partnership to develop the product range with local companies is a key ingredient to ensure this is a successful initiative. Collaboration is key to the success of WE.ARE.YORKSHIRE, and in this vein an exciting new relationship has been struck with Birdcage, a charity shop in Skipton that is a social enterprise with the aim of generating income for Behind Closed Doors, a charity for domestic violence.

The T-shirts are the second instalment of the company’s merchandise. Alongside the notebooks, they form the basis of a product range that features the Rose Brand image as a celebration of Yorkshire. The company will manufacture and sell their products until the end of the academic year when the Young Enterprise scheme ends.

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