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Sweet success for Academy at Young Enterprise Area Final

The students have set up a company called ‘BanDazzle’ which they have registered with Companies House.


Left to right: Maxwell Foster, Sophie Smalley, Bonnie Simpson and Joel Holdsworth.

A group of students from the Skegness Academy sixth form have recently been exercising their business skills in the Academy bistro at break times.

The students have been producing bouquets of sweets and chocolates to sell to other pupils in order to make a profit.

The idea was put in place to help the sixth form students complete one of their BTEC Business units.

This all ran in conjunction with Young Enterprise, an educational organisation that encourages young people to take an active part in business.

The students have set up a company called ‘BanDazzle’ which they have registered with Companies House.

The students financed the launch of the company initially by selling shares in the business to themselves, fellow students and staff members.

This raised the start-up capita required for BanDazzle to pay Companies House for the necessary documents to become a legal company and it also paid for the initial supply of stock that the business needed to get up and running.

On Thursday, March 26, BanDazzle attended the Young Enterprise Area Final where they won an award for the Best Company Presentation.

Not only were the judging panel impressed with their report but BanDazzle also generated the most sales and were complimented on the way that they had controlled their finances when distributing dividends.

Miss Perkins, Business Studies teacher at the Skegness Academy, said: “I am very proud of our students and the level of professionalism in which they run their business. I am delighted that they won this prestigious award, which was thoroughly deserved as they are fantastic ambassadors for the Academy”.


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