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Communications services provider KC delivers ‘Our City’ in Adelaide Primary School

Adelaide School Humber

Brendon Smurthwaite, KC’s Community Coordinator, with Year Four pupils at Adelaide Primary

Planning a city, opening a restaurant and creating a newspaper was all in a day’s work for Year Four pupils from Adelaide Primary School who took part in a recent Young Enterprise workshop.

The Young Enterprise ‘Our City’ programme was delivered by two volunteers from KC, Brendon Smurthwaite and Toni Layden, and provided the pupils with an innovative educational experience combined with a lot of fun.

Using Hull as a model, pupils identified the main features of a city and learnt how the jobs and skills of workers in key industries are vital in determining the character of that city. Having planned how their city would look, the children then had to produce a basic business plan for a restaurant detailing the name, location, type of customer and variety of food that they’d serve.

The final element of the workshop explained the different job roles within a newspaper before pupils were tasked with creating their own school publication.

Debbie Harrison, Year Four teacher at Adelaide Primary, commented:

“Year Four enjoyed the ‘Our City’ programme as Brendon and Toni delivered a range of activities which enabled the children to have a greater understanding about the city around them. The children particularly enjoyed working together in teams to create their own newspaper and their articles about school life and advertisements, and their photo choices, were certainly entertaining!”

Brendon Smurthwaite, KC’s Community Coordinator, added:

“This was my first experience of delivering a Young Enterprise workshop and it was a thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding day. The children were receptive to the tasks that were set for them and came up with plenty of creative ideas which they put into practice with a lot of enthusiasm.”