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Personal finance education is a waste of time, right?

Michael Mercieca blogs for the Huffington Post

MM huff post blog sept10
Our CEO Michael Mercieca’s latest blog for the Huffington Post focuses on the importance of financial education.
Michael writes:

“A few days ago I read an opinion piece in the FT (non-paywall copy here) saying that there’s no point teaching school children about money. We should just force-feed them more maths instead. This made me quite angry for a number of reasons.

“Managing money is a vital life skill – just like maths. But to say it’s better to teach our children even more ‘straight’ maths, a subject that will never be top of everyone’s favourite lesson list, rather than take up a small slot in the curriculum to show them the practical real-world application of maths and the consequences of good and bad money management is, quite frankly, ridiculous.”

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