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Talking Young Enterprise at the Party Conferences

Michael Mercieca blogs for the Huff Post UK

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This year Michael attended the Conservative and Labour Party Conferences, the first time Young Enterprise has had a presence here. His latest blog for Huff Post UK reflects on his experiences.

Michael writes:

“This year I attended both the Conservative and Labour Party conferences in my capacity as Chief Executive of the charity Young Enterprise.‭ ‬It‭’‬s now a couple of weeks since the conferences and I‭’‬ve had time to digest and reflect not only on‭ ‬what‭ ‬was achieved there but also‭ ‬where‭ ‬it was achieved.‭ ‬When you go to a conference it becomes apparent very quickly that the real business goes on around the fringe and I found the‭ ‬’offline‭’‬ conversations and connections very useful.‭ ‬In fact some seasoned veterans of the conference circuit told me that they had never been in to hear a political speech.‭ ‬All the most insightful,‭ ‬productive work goes on outside the main conference hall.‭

“On Young Enterprise business,‭ ‬whether I was speaking with politicians,‭ ‬business folk or fellow charity colleagues,‭ ‬there is no doubt that everyone recognises the urgent need to equip young people with the skills they need to get and hold down a‭ ‬suitable‭ ‬job and to make them financially literate.‭ ‬Strong academic results‭ ‬alone‭ ‬are not the only route to success.‭ ‬What we need now is‭ ‬cohesive‭ ‬action from politicians,‭ ‬businesses and educators to realise and support the changes needed in schools,‭ ‬colleges and universities.”

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