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A-level Results Day

Michael Mercieca, Chief Executive of Young Enterprise comments on the 2015 A-level results

“I would like to congratulate all of the students who received A-level results for their hard work leading up to today, and point to the fact that experience of the world of work and building up work and life skills can be as important to fulfilling young peoples’ potential as well-deserved academic attainment.

“Today’s achievements are a critical building block for young people, but we should remember that many students have other entrepreneurial talents and skills that aren’t always visible in exam results.

“Preparing the next generation for the world of work must go further than academic grading and delivering training and financial education should also be a key part of the curriculum.

“We cannot judge the performance of young people on facts and figures from exams alone and it is time to provide more practical support to give every student the chance to succeed in life.”

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