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Personal Character Can’t Be Measured By A-levels


Michael Mercieca writes:

“Every year, in the middle of August, we congratulate young people across the UK for their A-level results. That day’s media is packed with stories of success and failure. There is the usual debate about whether the exams are getting easier or harder, coupled with mountains of footage of students opening envelopes and photos of despair and elation. The following day we all go back to normal. Until next year.

“A-levels are great things to have but this year I want to break this cycle and turn the spotlight on those young people who didn’t do A-levels; those who didn’t want to do them; couldn’t do them due to their personal circumstances and the ones who weren’t considered academic enough to do them. I want to tell them that life does not begin and end with exam results. I want to tell them, and you, that A-levels can measure many things but there is one thing they can’t measure; a person’s character – their resilience and ability to bounce back from disappointment.

“Growing up in Malta, I was determined to be a rock musician. I moved to the UK to pursue that dream. My long-standing bandmates decided not to come with me, so I came to London alone, facing up to the reality of getting a new band together and playing cover versions at the local pub on a wet Wednesday night. I trekked around record companies in between working in a shoe repair shop and reluctantly studying. My new band didn’t make it – but it made me. It showed me that you can bounce back from setbacks and disappointment. The main thing is that you have a go. If it doesn’t work out as planned, you will at least have tried and you will go into the next thing stronger from your experience. It is a learning process rather than a failure.”

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