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Conspiracy – Farnborough Sixth Form College

Farnborough Sixth Form College - Conspiracy

Winners Hampshire County Final 2015

Creativity at its Best

Conspiracy started out as a group of strangers, trying to come up with an idea, but could not find anything innovative to inspire them.  On the verge of giving up or trying to market USB credit cards, they had a eureka moment when the Managing Director, Jack Hardie, strode into the Board meeting proclaiming how he had just seen perfectly sellable artwork in a college skip!

The whole of the team was in agreement that something had to be done. As a team, there was a unanimous decision that it has to be put right and so the mission of Conspiracy was born.

The message of the business was simple and straightforward: ‘Promoting student artwork’. The whole company loved the concept of helping the artists in the local community and with ecstatic support from Simon Jarvis, Principal of Farnborough Sixth Form College, the journey began and with it, several hurdles to be overcome.

The first hurdle was understanding what price could be charged for the product and where it could be sold.  Knowing that artwork is not an impulse buy, a minimum price of £35 per piece required careful marketing. Trade Fairs were the obvious place to sell but Conspiracy knew that it would be difficult to persuade the public to part with large sums of money for unknown artists, even if the business plan focussed on helping young artists gain exposure and have the opportunity to make a living from their art.

Over the course of the year, Conspiracy have gone from strength to strength, always pushing the boundaries and dealing with rebuttal along the way.  As they prepared to go to the Regional Finals in June 2015, they were buoyant in knowing that they had secured the attention of Fujitsu, a global technology company to run a two week art exhibition at their London HQ in July.

The exhibition was a huge success and Jackie Hardie, who steered the company throughout the year, summed up Conspiracy’s experience when he said: “Young Enterprise has enabled me to develop vital skills for the world of business. As Managing Director of Conspiracy, my leadership skills have developed massively through the course of this programme.  A fantastic experience which will set me up for the future”.