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Young Enterprise responds to HMT announcement of funding for LifeSavers Project

The HMT funding towards LifeSavers, which is a joint Church of England and Young Enterprise financial education programme, means the project can continue to expand beyond the pilot scheme currently underway.
The generous funding of £500,000 will help to expand the reach of the programme to more primary schools in new areas, offering support to schools outside of the roll out areas through a dedicated website and financial education consultancy.
Young Enterprise chief executive Michael Mercieca said: “I would like to thank HMT for this generous funding towards the LifeSavers project.
“Young Enterprise is delivering this project, working with the Archbishop’s Task Group on Responsible Credit and Saving, so this extra funding means we can reach more than 40,000 primary school children with this rewarding opportunity.”
LifeSavers is delivered by Young Enterprise, and follows the successful pilot which is underway in six primary schools in Bradford, Nottinghamshire and south east London. The project will be rolled out to a further 120 schools with substantial financial support from Virgin Money.
The financial education programme’s main aim is to ensure that children are equipped from an early age with the knowledge, skills, experiences and values to manage money well now and in the future. This is done through a three-stranded approach; practical, hands-on transactional learning about money through school savings clubs; values-based financial education resources and training for teachers; and offering support for parents, carers and the wider community to help children learn about money.

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