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Queen’s Trust at Dyffryn High School

Emily Lovell took part the Young Enterprise Company Programme last year at her school Dyffryn High School in Newport, Wales thanks to the support of the Queen’s Trust

“I took part in Young Enterprise Company Programme in the last academic year, 2014-2015 thanks to the support of the Queen’s Trust.  We wanted to create a mug company that appealed to a wide range of customers through an array of quirky designs.  We settled on the chalk board mug after some deliberation.  We were lucky enough to reach the welsh finals and won an award for our use of ICT.  Our team was made up of 5 members and we got to know each other over the course of the year.  I was Managing Director.

“Trying to decide on our product was at times challenging as we had so many ideas and it was hard to agree on just one.  It was also difficult at times to work Young Enterprise around our existing school commitments.

“Once we had decided on our final product we undertook some market research to understand what price our consumer would be willing to pay and what they would look for in a mug.  We then went to suppliers and did some costing, narrowing it down to chalk board mugs.

“Throughout the programme I learnt how to prioritise tasks and manage my time effectively to be as efficient as possible when I worked.  I also learnt the importance of delegating tasks and knowing when it is necessary to do this.

“I really enjoyed the competition aspect of the Company Programme.  It gave us a deadline and goals, something to work towards.  Establishing a real business and gaining business insight into the real pressures of running a company, allowing us to see how we would cope with these was great.

“The confidence that I gained while doing Young Enterprise is definitely something that I can apply to many situations.  Standing in front of an audience and presenting our business ideas gave me the confidence to apply for senior roles within my school.  I am now Head Girl at my school and it was Young Enterprise that made me want to apply for this.  While doing Young Enterprise a lot of people asked me why I got involved and I think it made them give more thought to getting into business.  I realised I like to be able to advise and influence people so I ran for Head Girl and was successful.

The time management skills that I picked up while doing Young Enterprise have been beneficial for managing my role alongside studying.  I know that I’ll be able to juggle a career alongside other commitments.

“Young Enterprise encouraged me to think creatively and outside of the box which has helped me when participating in other events at school.

I am now in my final year of school and looking forward to  taking A Levels in History, Religious Studies and English Literature.  Then, I would like to either pursue a career in secondary school education or take a business based degree, for example Business Management.

“The experiences I have had through Young Enterprise have made me give real thought to a future career in business and inspired me to seek out other opportunities that are available for young people who wish to start a business.

“I would definitely recommend Young Enterprise to others.  The confidence it gives you, even if not in front of a large audience, but to a group or a peer, is great.

“I would advise any one who is doing Young Enterprise now to really enjoy it.  It flies by so quickly so appreciate it for what it is.  Take the chance to be creative, don’t put any limits on yourself and push yourself as far as you can to make the business a success.  It’s a great experience and so much fun.”