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Battling it out with £10

On 1st March, Young Enterprise launched the brand new Tenner Challenge for adults, to see how much adults could raise from £10 seed capital in just four weeks. Over the years, 11 – 19 year olds taking part in the original Tenner Challenge have come up with some incredibly creative business ideas, from a pop-up restaurant, to bee hives, to a dress maker. Now it’s the turn of the grown-ups.

Adults are competing with the students throughout March to see who can raise the most from their £10 seed capital. And with the most successful student team raising £5,000 there’s a little bit of pressure on the grown ups….

Luckily they’re off to a flying start already. We’ve got over 50 teams involved in a huge variety of enterprises including making and selling handmade cards, popcorn and cake selling, an auction event, a bingo event, a candle making business, a darts event,  a smoothie making business and a breakfast club, amongst others!

The Young Enterprise staff have also stepped up to the challenge and put together two rival teams. One is battling it out with a tea and coffee business supplying hot drinks delivered to the desk while the other is holding pop-up themed restaurants and running a tuck shop. Watch this space for the winner…






Michael Mercieca, Chief Executive of Young Enterprise said: “This year is a first for us and the Tenner Challenge. Our young people who take part set up some very creative businesses and services each year, so I’m looking forward to seeing what our adult challengers can come up with.

“Taking part in the Adult Challenge is a great way to support Young Enterprise and the students taking part in Tenner.”

There is still time to register to be a part of the Challenge, just go to:

For more information or to share your ideas for great tenner businesses, email Caitlin Ashdown.