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Deadline extended and streamlined process for the Journey Award

What's your story?

The deadline for the Journey Award has been extended and we’ve made it even easier for you to enter the Journey Award! You now have until 23 May 2016 to apply! Up for grabs is an all expenses paid trip to London for the UK Final (including 2 nights accommodation) and a work placement.

We know Young Enterprise changes people’s lives because they tell us so every day.

But have you or someone you know achieved something particularly amazing in the course of completing Company Programme? If so, we want to hear about it!

Did Company Programme help you or a student you have worked with develop the confidence to talk to strangers or the skills to deliver an empowering speech? Did it help them overcome an obstacle or  discover a new ability which may change the course of their lives?

This Award is open to individuals competing in the Company Programme 2015/16 across the UK and is an opportunity for them to tell their story so we can celebrate their achievements.


Who is eligible to apply?

A current student on the Company Programme can nominate themselves.


A teacher, parent/guardian, business advisor or fellow student can nominate a current student on the Company Programme.


What are the prizes for the winners?

Regional winners will receive a trophy.

The top 3  finalists will then receive an all expenses paid trip to London for the UK Final (including 2 nights’ accommodation) and the overall  winner will receive a work placement.

It will also look great on your CV!


How to apply

If you are nominating yourself…

  • Record a video (maximum 2 minutes) which explains how taking part in the Company Programme has had a positive impact on your life (see below for ‘What should I say in the video?’)
  • Request your teacher or business advisor completes the entry form
  • Upload your video and the entry form to YE Online

If you are nominating someone else…

Seek permission from the student to nominate them for the award

  • Complete the entry form to explain why you are nominating this individual for the award and the positive impact that taking part in the Company Programme has had on their life
  • If nomination is by parent / guardian or fellow student: Request their teacher or business advisor also fills in and signs the entry form
  • Ask the nominated student to upload the entry form to YE Online

The nominated student does not need to produce a video at this stage, but if they get through to the next round then we will then need them to produce a video to support their application.


What is the deadline for entries?

You now have until the 23 May 2016 to enter


So what are you waiting for?

Download the updated 2016 Journey Award Criteria
Download the updated 2016 Journey Award entry form

Completed entry forms need to be uploaded to YE Online by the student who is applying / being nominated.