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Launch of the STAR Pass to measure young people’s achievements

Leading skills charity Young Enterprise has launched the STAR pass to recognise young people’s achievements when they enter the world of work.

starpassThe STAR Pass was developed as part of the Charity’s 2016-19 Unlocking Potential Strategy and in response to the need for a universal review tool that allows young people to showcase employability skills they’ve developed. Specifically, the eight skills identified are those most in demand by employers and those developed in young people on Young Enterprise programmes.

STAR stands for Situation, Task, Action and Results. It enables young people to develop a portfolio of answers for the most commonly asked interview questions, and is the new standard for reviewing what has been learned on a Young Enterprise programme.

The Pass particularly benefits young people with limited experience of work, who often feel unable to compete with more experienced job seekers at interview. It allows young people to source examples of transferable skills from their broader life experiences, including but not limited to their participation on a Young Enterprise programme.

Young Enterprise CEO Michael Mercieca said: “The STAR Pass is an essential tool for young people to measure their achievements when they finish education, and present them to future employers.

“It is easy to overlook skills developed such as confidence, communication and resilience, and how these were developed, but we know these skills and attitudes are what employers are looking for – and the Pass enables young people to show how they have developed them.”

The STAR Pass is being rolled out in Young Enterprise schools across England and Wales following successful trials.

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