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Young Enterprise student secures HR apprenticeship


Alice attends Hadley Community School and has just completed Year 10 in which she partook in the Company Programme. Following group discussions and a helpful demonstration from one of the team member’s mums , they decided to sell jars which were decorated with chalk paint and aimed at the ’Chabby Chic’ market. After struggling to think of a name for their business, they are took a vote and chose the name ‘Thoughtful Chic’.

Alice’s role was assistant Managing Director, but it wasn’t without its challenges as Alice states “I ended up doing a lot of the work- more than many others in the team.” But, despite taking on a lot of the work-load, Alice felt that this helped her improve her confidence.

Before the Company, Programme Alice, struggled with confidence, particularly in terms of delivering presentations: “I remember having to make a presentation in an English lesson once and I was terrified”. However, after taking part in Company, she is a lot more confident standing up in front of people: “At the end of the YE CP Programme I was making presentations not only in front of large numbers of people but also in front of Business people”.

Alice went on to win the ‘Most Outstanding Commitment’ award sponsored by BCRS which was presented by Paul Kalinauckus, Founding Member and CEO, at the Shropshire area final [Pictured above]. Alice’s in-creased confidence has inspired her to pursue extra-curricular activities such as applying to be Head Girl.
Alice, credits the Company Programme with helping to boost her confidence and also her career intentions. Following the area final, Alice was inspired by the guest speaker in pursuing a career in Human Resources (HR). Subsequently, she was able to secure a apprenticeship as a HR assistant.