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Volunteer Profile: Simon Scott-Nelson

This month we would like to introduce you to Simon, who is going to be acting as a Business Adviser to Cullumpton Community College, and who has a very specific interest in young entrepreneurs through the business run by his children, Wellity.  “I’ve become involved in Young Enterprise because over the last year I have seen how powerful young people can be in business, and how they offer a completely different and invaluable contribution.  Young entrepreneurs have unbiased opinions, and the challenge the norm – both incredible attributes.  “I am now helping my children to pursue their dream of starting their own sports and health brand, to help fight childhood obesity.  They wanted to do this as ‘kids listen to kids, more than kids listen to adults’; their mantra is #thinkbig #startsmall #changenow.”

You can find out more about Wellity and how it was set up here.  They are fantastic on social media too so find them on Twitter for updates at @wellitykids.  We are delighted to have Simon involved in Young Enterprise, so be sure to connect with him.