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10 things to know about Tenner Challenge


The Tenner Challenge is Young Enterprise’s free national challenge for students aged 11-18. It is an interactive programme that helps students to develop key employability skills including creativity, resilience and problem solving, whilst using real money to make as much profit as possible from the £10. Tenner supports schools by providing practical learning opportunities for young people that not only reinforce learning in school but supports career development programmes.

Tenner Challenge contributes towards  five of the eight Gatsby Benchmarks for Good Careers Guidance.



  • “We’ve now participated for 2 years and the impact on our year 8 pupils has been significant in terms of career awareness and providing them with a ‘real life’ experience unlike any other in school.” – Teacher, East of England
  • 80% of students agreed Tenner Challenge helped them understand the world of work
  • 84% of teachers agreed Tenner Challenge supports educational requirements for a broad range of subjects including English and Maths
  • 81% of students stated that their overall experience of the challenge had been good
  • 90% of teachers agreed that the Tenner Challenge contributes to the school’s stable careers programme
  • “It has helped me put what I know into real life situations and I have a better understanding of how the world of business works.” – Student, North West
  • 27,179 young people participating – 39% more than last year
  • 31% of registered centres in England and Wales were in the 30% most deprived areas
  • £23,962 was the total profit made with an average of £111 profit per team

Read more: Tenner Challenge Impact Report.