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YE Market Place Launch: Sign Your Student Companies Up!


As an entrepreneurial charity with over 55 years of experience in supporting young people, we continue to explore ways to adapt to the rapid changes in society and the changing needs of the young people we serve.

This year, we are proud to have made a breakthrough with the launch of YE Market Place, a bespoke online sales platform exclusive to Young Enterprise student companies. The platform provides a unique opportunity to develop a range of digital skills much sought after by employers, including:

  • Digital marketing and social media for business
  • Building a brand online and developing brand awareness
  • Using analytics to learn what engages and retains target audiences
  • Delivering exceptional online customer service
  • Understanding the implications of data privacy, GDPR and the terms and conditions of trading online


Market Place goes live to the public week commencing 5th November and is the only approved way for YE student companies to sell online. As our young entrepreneurs are still of school age, this means student companies are unable to use alternative electronic payment such as PayPal, CashFlows or a card machine or to use any other online sales platforms including eBay or Amazon.


How to Register Your Student Company

If your student companies want to be ready for launch, they have 2 weeks to register and start preparing their online stores!

This is plenty of time to get your company up and running, but you’ll want to get started sooner rather than later.

Please note: The site will be mobile responsive for launch, but currently can only be accessed by a desktop or laptop whilst setting up. Student companies will be able to continue to register and open their online stores on Market Place after the launch date.



Stage 1: Getting ready

Before setting up on Market Place all student companies must have completed the following:

  • Submitted in advance a product approval form for product / service and received authorisation from their local YE Area Manager
  • Successfully opened HSBC Student Company Bank Account
  • Read the YE Online guidance under the ‘YE Market Place’ section


Stage 2: Set up your store

To gain access to Market Place and to be able to open their online store to the public student companies must:


What are the benefits for my student company?

  • Create an online store for your YE student company and include promotional photos and videos
  • Opportunity to sell products direct to the public across England, Scotland and Wales to increase your sales and expand your range
  • Your student company could win cash prizes by taking part in YE organised online competitions
  • Opportunity to develop an online presence and engage with customers digitally.