Geraldine Walker

An unforgettable learning experience

The Company Programme has huge benefits

Geraldine Walker-tiff

Geraldine Walker

Geraldine Walker discovered the Young Enterprise approach not only stimulated a more business-minded approach among her students – they actually became better at their academic studies too as a result. Many students found they had talents they had never expected and this influenced their choice of course at university and future career path.



What personal/attitudinal development, if any, have your students received as a result of taking part in Company Programme?
Responsibility, commitment, negotiation skills, patience, working collaboratively, logical thinking skills, risk-taking, problem-solving, perseverance.

What career/educational benefits, if any, have your students received from Company Programme?
The skills listed above will have huge benefits to all the students for both their educational studies and in their chosen career path.

Have you witnessed any key success stories amongst your students as a result?
Erin designed the graphics for the Flipit product as she was the only art student in the company.  With the huge success of the product, Erin has been inspired to study graphic design at university.

Would you recommend Young Enterprise Programmes to your colleagues in the teaching profession?

Company is a wonderful programme with numerous benefits for those who take part – an unforgettable learning experience!