International Women’s Day Stories

International Women’s Day Stories

Find out more about the experiences of these female Managing Directors taking part in Young Enterprise's Company Programme.

  • Name: Samantha Hurst
  • Age: 16
  • Company name: Boundless Books
  • Company product: A children’s educational book
  • Role in company: Managing Director
  • Website:

I am Managing Director or Boundless Books. Our product is a range of books: printed and audio, designed for 4-6 year olds. The books are designed to be “life lessons” to introduce concepts to young children for use in later life. When managing my business I have found the business: exciting, terrifying, fulfilling and a fantastic introduction into how a real business is run.
Young Enterprise gets you involved in real life situations rather than being sheltered by it in school. It encourages you to make important decisions at short notice while tackling problems head on and moving to a solution as quickly.
In the future I want to run my own Veterinary Practice in the future after being the leading Vet with a great team of other vets, nurses and receptionists.


  • Name: Georgia Grice
  • Age: 18
  • Company name: Hall Park Enterprises
  • Company product: Hand crafted, Unique Mugs
  • Role in company: Managing Director

I’m the Managing Director of Hall Park Enterprises. Our product is hand crafted, uniquely designed mugs. They are all made by members of our team, and the design process means each and every one is completely unique. We work in a rather female strong team and use this to our advantage; our female finesse has allowed us to create beautifully packaged mugs.
Young Enterprise has taught me that I am in fact cut out for management. I wasn’t sure in what I wanted to do, weather to go to university, or take an apprenticeship. But YE has taught me to aim for the top, the top jobs, the top salaries.
For me, International Women’s Day is really important. It’s about showing young girls that we have no reason for a pay difference, or to be discriminated against in the workplace. It’s about standing up for ourselves, and not taking the easy way out and thinking things will get better, but doing something about it.


  • Name: Kayleigh Burns
  • Age: 20
  • Company name: Inspirational Little Futures
  • Company product: Topic Time
  • Role in company: Managing Director
  • Website & social media links: Facebook – @InspirationalLittleFutures


I am Managing Director of Inspirational Little Futures a fun, educational card game for children in their primary school year. I’m responsible for keeping up to date with everyone in the team and monitoring progress towards agreed goals. I work closely with finance to ensure that we had sufficient budget for design and sourcing.

Taking part in Young Enterprise has made my career path clearer. I’ve discovered that I enjoy motivating people and taking on new projects. After University I would like to do a programme which progresses me to management then hopefully go into Human Resources for a big corporation.


  • Name: Lauren Smale
  • Age: 18
  • Company name: Mayne Lights
  • Company product: Handmade candles
  • Role in company: Managing director
  • Website & social media links: Facebook: Mayne lights/ Twitter: @Maynelights


There are 12 of us in the team each one with an individual role. We make our own home made candles in different sized jam jars. Each member is responsible for a different part of the candle making process such as, melting the wax, decorating and getting the jars ready and labelling and wrapping them up ready to be sold.
The best part of my role is watching my team work together as a whole especially when it comes to selling as I can confidently take a step back and just watch them sell and interact with the customers.

My ultimate dream is to own my own business I am unsure as to what type of business but I am staring university in September to study events management and this process has pushed me in that direction and has given me some real-life experience as to how a business should be run.