Luci Cowie and Tom Webb

Newcastle Start-Up, Easy Teasy, take brand to leading department store

Newcastle based start-up Easy-Teasy have launched their specialist loose leaf tea range in one of the North East’s largest department stores, Fenwick Newcastle.  Already selling to over ten retailers in the region, this is an exciting time for the entrepreneurial duo.



Luci Cowie and Tom Webb took part in the Young Enterprise Start-Up programme, now supported by Old Mutual Wealth, in 2015 as part of a double module while attending Northumbria University.  The pair of young entrepreneurs shared a love of tea and, spotting the rising ‘tea trend’, Easy Teasy was born.  Easy Teasy is a specialised loose leaf tea company, based in Newcastle, and committed to providing quality loose leaf tea that has been responsibly sourced.  Sold in re-sealable bags, the product is designed to make brewing the perfect cup of tea as easy as possible.

Although starting a business in the final year of university could be an intimidating prospect, Easy Teasy were committed to making their brand a success, and admit learning some valuable time management skills as a result.  “Although daunting when combined with coursework, it’s definitely worth putting in the effort with Young Enterprise because you never know what the outcome is going to be.  Something special could be just around the corner.  It also serves as a real eye-opener when it comes to working out what you want to do when you leave education.”

A year on from graduation, the company is going from strength to strength.  Luci and Tom now work on Easy Teasy full time and are enjoying expanding their business.  Following a collaboration with local chocolatier, the Chocolate Smiths, the company are now offering a range of chocolates that have been blended with their teas. Easy Teasy has also introduced a tea and glassware range to enhance and facilitate the brewing process ensuring their customers have the complete experience.

Talking about the journey, Luci says, “I came out of Young Enterprise with a company that I could continue after university.  The experience completely changed my perception of what I wanted to do post-education, and suddenly I had a limited company and there was nothing I wanted to do more than to carry it on.  The time management skills are definitely something I have taken away from Young Enterprise. Young Enterprise also gave me this opportunity for the future to start and run my own company.  I had always been interested in business and studied business at A Level, but I didn’t think I would be in this position so soon in life.”


“I am so proud of Easy Teasy.  It is a lot of work for just the two of us to manage every aspect of the company but, we love doing it and it’s what we want to do.  When big things happen, like the department store launch, it really spurs us on and is hugely rewarding.”

Off the back of this recent success, the company have started to get approached by retailers and people in the food industry, a sure sign that their hard work is paying off.

What’s next for Easy Teasy?  The start-up would love to get more cafes and retailers on board and expand beyond being a regional brand to a big contender, recognised nationally.  One day they hope to open a  loose leaf tea bar or cafe of their own to showcase all of their products.