Young Enterprise regularly measures destinations for Company Programme alumni. This is done through a two points longitudinal survey sent within two years of completing the Company Programme.



At Young Enterprise we are committed to understanding what long-term difference we make to young people. For the last 3 years we have followed up with our Company Programme Alumni to find out what difference the experience has made to their employability skills, subsequent career decisions and future aspirations.

This year we asked our 2015/16 Alumni to reflect on what was the most important thing that they learnt. They most frequently mentioned teamwork, communication and confidence as the most important things they had gained from the experience.


For the last three years we have carried out a retrospective evaluation with our Alumni to find out their destinations, two years after they participated in Company Programme. We now want to build our understanding of our Alumni’s journey further. In 2019, we will be carrying out a large-scale piece of research with our Alumni

Gertrude Sai