My Money Week Resources

Resources & Activities

The 2019 My Money Week resources are currently in development, and will be available after the Easter break.

In the meantime you can still download all of the previous My Money Week teaching materials using the links on the right. 

For 2019 we are creating new digital video resources giving your students more money decisions to make! While they are in production you can still access the 2018 video resources, and the accompanying Teaching Materials which include suggestions for delivering the videos in assembly, tutor or lesson time, lesson plans which can be used to explore some of the topics in more detail, as well as a host of further ideas, resources and support available to you.

In 2018 primary pupils explored raising and saving money and charitable giving by making decisions on behalf of the school council featured in the primary videos.

Secondary students considered mobile phones, insurance and risk by making decisions on behalf of the young people featured in the secondary videos.

We would love to hear what you did in 2018 or what you have planned for 2019 so let us know by tweeting @YoungMoneyEdu using the hashtag #MyMoneyWeek.

*To play the videos you will need access to the internet and YouTube, ideally the latest version of the browser you are using (IE, Chrome, Firefox etc) and you will need JavaScript and cookies enabled for everything to work as it should.

You can also still access all of the materials from previous years, including the student facing newspapers and teachers’ notes, and the 2015 Weekly Planners and you’ll find a whole host of further resources and activities in the Resource Hub that you might find useful and inspiring to take your My Money Week even further.