Where Money Comes From and Making Wise Choices – KS1 Lesson Packs

Produced by HSBC UK in partnership with Young Money

Minimum Age: 4
Maximum Age: 7

This resource includes two complete lesson packs for Key Stage 1 pupils, covering the important topics of Where money comes from and Making wise choices.  Each lesson pack includes a detailed lesson plan, accompanying PowerPoint presentation, and printable PDF activity sheets and resources to support delivery of the lesson. There are also Parent Postcards to encourage families to talk about money at home.

Where Money Comes From: This lesson is designed to help children understand the connection between having a job and earning money from that job, which will then allow them to buy the things they need and want. It introduces the idea of having a bank account, and explains two key ways for accessing the money in the bank account, namely by using a bank card in store or by withdrawing cash from a cash machine.

Download this lesson here.

Making Wise Choices: This lesson is designed to help children understand the difference between something we ‘need’ in order to survive and something we ‘want’ but which isn’t essential. It introduces the idea that sometimes we have to make difficult choices because we can’t always afford everything we want. It also explains that some things we value, like personal or sentimental items, don’t cost money. The children explain the reasons for their choices, orally and in writing.

Download this lesson here.

These lessons are two of four primary lesson packs produced by HSBC UK in partnership with Young Money. The four lessons introduce key concepts of money to pupils in Key Stage 1 and 2. The use of simplified graphics and practical activities enable pupils to access learning and become aware of how money is earned, stored and spent, while also developing an awareness of the key concepts of the difference between needs and wants and the importance of budgeting.

You can access the key stage 2 lesson packs here.