Produced by The Bank of England

Minimum Age: 11
Maximum Age: 16

The econoME programme gives young people greater economic and financial awareness, equipping them with the skills to make more informed decisions about personal financial choices. An additional 4th lesson was added in May 2020.

The econoME materials are free for teachers to download and do not require a formal training in economics. The resources were produced in collaboration with educational experts and link to all UK national curricula for PSHE, Citizenship, and key employability skills.  The lessons have been accredited by the Personal, Social, Health and Economic education (PSHE) Association and awarded the Financial Education Quality Mark by Young Money.

The econoME programme includes:

Lesson 1: What influences my decisions? Explore a variety of factors that influence decisions, including the economy.
Lesson 2: How can I make informed decisions? Explore the process of decision-making including the sourcing and analysing of reliable information.
Lesson 3: Why do my decisions matter? Consider the consequences of any decisions your students might make – for themselves, others and the economy.
Lesson 4: How can I manage financial risk? Students explore the benefits of saving, borrowing and protecting their money. Then, help them recognise a scam and how to avoid it.