Introducing Financial Mathematics – A practical guide for Key Stage 3 & 4

Produced by Young Money & Natwest

Minimum Age: 11
Maximum Age: 16

This resource provides guidance that puts personal finance into context for teachers and students, clarifies curriculum links and learning objectives and offers strategies and ideas for the successful delivery of personal finance education. Also provided are a range of activities that explore many key issues, including savings and investments, currency exchange and income.

In light of the recent National Curriculum announcement, we have worked with NatWest to refresh and redevelop the Maths Resource which now contains comprehensive guidance for secondary Maths teachers about how mathematics and financial education are intrinsically linked.

There are also updated activities that map to the Maths Curriculum as well as providing clear links showing how to extend and develop learning using the NatWest MoneySense for Schools resource

The aim of this resource is to give teachers practical help in addressing these issues by equipping all pupils with a solid understanding of money and all that is associated with it.