Maths Matters – Using Financial Contexts in Secondary Mathematics

Produced by Young Money

Minimum Age: 11
Maximum Age: 16

This resource is the result of a project funded through the London Schools Excellence Fund, exploring the link between delivering mathematics in a financial context and improving the engagement and attainment of young people.


The resource has been divided into five areas, in line with those within the mathematics programme of study:
1. Geometry and measure
2. Algebra
3. Number
4. Ratio, proportion and rates of change
5. Statistics and probability (these have been combined for the purpose of this resource).

For each of these areas, this resource provides:
• Examples of how a financial context could be applied to the subject content
• A case study detailing how one of the schools involved in the London Lead Teachers in Financial Mathematics project has developed financial context within the area
• Activity ideas that could be used in the classroom to deliver the subject content in a financial context
• Exam style questions which cover the subject content whilst also using a financial context that can be used to assess learning.