Hendon School

This year, one of YE’s Centres of Excellence schools in financial and enterprise education was successful in winning the UK Entrepreneurial Schools Award – an award devised by Junior Achievement Europe in recognition and celebration of the best schools in entrepreneurship education across the Junior Achievement Europe Network.


Hendon School, in London, effectively demonstrated their commitment to enterprise and entrepreneurial education. Their vision statement highlighted the importance placed on enterprise education and continues to be clearly communicated to stakeholders within the broader school community.

Within their application, Hendon showcased their newly developed Smart Futures programme, incorporating enterprise competency-based activities throughout students learning. Each year, the school works with over 150 businesses that provide career opportunities that further enhance student competencies, including creativity and resilience.

The individual learning needs and development skills for staff are reviewed regularly with staff being trained accordingly. As with the Centres of Excellence programme, the school considers this an important part of ensuring sustainability of enterprise and entrepreneurial education within their student learning.

Hendon School travelled to Vienna to receive their award in November 2018.


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