We believe that all young people should be given the best chance for a rewarding future in work and life – no matter where they start their journey.

We need your support to help make Young Enterprise possible:

  • £10 pays for one young person to receive half a day’s training that builds their aspirations and belief, supported by business volunteers.
  • £30 pays for half a day of training for a Young Enterprise Business volunteer ensuring they give the best support possible to young people.
  • £60 pays for a young person to gain over 50 hours of experience running a business to develop the skills and confidence that gives them a great start to life.


Each year around 750,000 young people will finish their education and tens of thousands will almost immediately find themselves unemployed. They finish at a time when 70% of UK employers find it difficult to fill entry level positions and a McKinsey study reports that a quarter of employers have unfilled entry level roles, whilst a third have lost out on business because they couldn’t find recruits with the right skills.

Many teachers and parents are rightly concerned about the employment prospects for school leavers and agree we need to teach the skills and attitudes required by employers for the jobs available. Youth unemployment is still a major issue even as we enter economic recovery with more young people taking on zero-hours contracts and low-paid part time work.

The impact of unemployment, even after a short time, can be severe and last a lifetime. Depression, loss of confidence, isolation, lower salaries and a lack of prospects for years to come can all start from the day someone becomes unemployed. We need to tackle the gap now and make sure that next year’s school leavers and future generations finish education prepared for the real world, with the skills, knowledge and attitudes required to succeed.

Young Enterprise supported 138,000 young people last year but there are hundreds of thousands more that need our help. With your support we can change lives and save young people from ever having to face a life of lost potential.


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Meet Luke Liddiard, the first ever Journey Award winner


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