Our Philanthropic Supporters

We are very thankful to the philanthropists who make our work possible. Read more about our generous supporters, and why they think you should join them in supporting young people across the UK.


“I am proud to be a committed supporter of Young Enterprise. The young people I have met over the years have always provided inspiration by their ability, enterprise, hard work and sense of fun.”

William Salomon, President


“I want to help encourage young people and I think Young Enterprise is great for that. [It’s] …a great opportunity to reinforce the importance of teamwork and delegating work within the team…”

Ken and Diana Randall


“I fully support the aims of Young Enterprise, which helps children gain some early entrepreneurial and business experience.  The success of the charity over the years across the country is very clear, and I am proud to help them extend their reach.”

Jerome Booth


We are incredibly grateful to these donors whose commitment to Young Enterprise ensures the sustainability of our work with young students.

  • William Alexander
  • The BAND Trust
  • David Bellamy, St James’s Place
  • Jerome Booth, New Call Telecom
  • Lord Borwick of Hawkshead
  • The Braithwaite Family Foundation
  • Keith Breslauer, Patron Capital
  • Sir Francis Brooke, Troy Asset Management
  • Gary Burke, iprism
  • Commercial Education Trust
  • Pete Davies
  • Lord Davies of Abersoch
  • Prime Development
  • Andrew Donaldson
  • Peter Dubens, Oakley Capital – Founding Member of the Young Enterprise Entrepreneurs’ Club
  • Andy Golding, Building Societies Trust
  • Charles Gonszor, Primary Capital
  • Mounir Guen, MVision
  • David Harding
  • Peter Harrison Foundation
  • Noel Hayden
  • Bill Holroyd
  • Harry Hyman, Nexus Group of Companies (Pictured top right)
  • Peter Kershaw Trust
  • Martin Lewis
  • Harvey McGrath
  • Stephen Morant, Morant Wright
  • Jack Morris Charitable Trust
  • Chris Morling, money.co.uk
  • Sir Jack Petchey CBE
  • Dennis Purkiss
  • Alan Quilter
  • Brady and Angela Rafuse
  • Ken and Diana Randall
  • Bruno and Marta Rocha
  • The Trillium Trust
  • The Salomon Oppenheimer Philanthropic Foundation
  • The Sandhu Charitable Foundation
  • Chris Slater
  • Charles Wolfson Charitable Trust
  • Neil Woodford CBE