Top tips for success

Do you need advice to help your money grow? We have that covered.

We’re sure you’re going to get off to a flying start but if you need a few tips you’ve come to the right place. No pressure but last year one team of students made £5,000…so here’s a winner’s checklist that might help you out:

  • Make sure you get your team together and familiar with the challenge ASAP
  • Use an ice-breaker activity to get your team’s creative juices flowing
  • Ensure your team meet regularly as a team and appoint a team manager to keep everyone focused
  • Plan carefully
  • Market and advertise effectively
  • Stay positive!
  • Work with your ideas and find solutions to your business problems as a team
  • Keep up to speed with what the kids are doing every week to follow what is happening and to get advice if you need it!
  • Make the most of the resources on the Young Enterprise website
  • Finally, prepare to be amazed at what you can do with a tenner!

Watch a few videos from our schools’ participants to get inspired further, or BGF’s video on why you should get involved.