Children are never too young to start learning the value of money. LifeSavers supports primary schools to embed financial education, set up school savings clubs and help children and their families learn about money.

Helping children to manage money wisely.


LifeSavers is a financial education programme for primary schools, giving children the knowledge, skills and attitudes to manage money well. LifeSavers equips teachers to teach financial education, supports schools to set up savings clubs, and provides resources to engage parents and families.

LifeSavers offers:

  • Teacher training and curriculum planning support for teachers to embed financial education into the school curriculum
  • Quality-Marked financial education classroom resources, the 5 Big Questions about Money, for key stage 1 and key stage 2 pupils
  • Values-based assembly and collective worship resources to support financial education delivery across the school
  • Ideas and resources to help schools engage the wider school community in financial education
  • Ideas and resources to help parents and carers talk about money with children at home

To download free copies of the resources, or to find out more about how LifeSavers could support financial education delivering in your school, visit the LifeSavers website.

LifeSavers is an initiative of the Just Finance Foundation, currently delivered in partnership with Young Money.

Originally piloted with six schools in 2015, LifeSavers has since been extended to over 120 schools across six regions. Since 2016, LifeSavers has trained over 1,800 school staff, who have delivered financial education to over 22,000 pupils. There are over 50 LifeSavers school savings clubs operating in partnership with local credit unions and over 2,000 children have opened a credit union savings account.

To find out more about LifeSavers, please contact the Just Finance Foundation using this contact form.