Money Matters Workshops

Materials to help you deliver half or whole day workshops

The suite of interactive Money Matters workshops includes four downloadable programmes designed to develop core knowledge, skills and attitudes relating to money and money management. Each programme is centred around a key theme;

  • Key Stage 1: The Birthday Money
  • Key Stage 2: The Holiday
  • Key Stage 3: The Choice
  • Key Stage 4: The New Job

Each of the programmes has been split into sessions, 2 sessions for Key Stage 1 and 4 sessions for Key Stage 2, 3 and 4. Each of the sessions is designed to take around 1 hour and 20 minutes to deliver, and they can be used flexibly to deliver a half day (2 sessions) or full day (all 4 sessions) interactive workshop which would work well for an off time-table day or as part of a themed week.

Each session comes complete with a set of delivery notes, an interactive PowerPoint and printable versions of activity materials. Each of the 4 downloadable programmes also comes with an activity book where students can record their learning.

All of the programmes include a mix of audio, visual and kinaesthetic activities. The workshops are cross curricular, students are encouraged to learn about money matters through role play, story writing, drawing and enterprise.

These workshops also provide a fantastic opportunity to involve volunteers in your students’ learning about money. Using volunteers to support the delivery of financial education is a great way to engage young people with money matters, and real life contexts help teachers connect what young people are learning in the classroom to life beyond school. Throughout the delivery notes there are helpful pointers on how best a volunteer could add value to each of the sessions.