Money Matters

We’ll come to your school to teach your students about money


Our suite of fully interactive workshops have been developed in consultation with young people and teachers, and are delivered by our highly trained staff.

Who are the workshops for?

Individual workshops have been created for each key stage, from KS1 to KS4 and beyond, ensuring that the financial topics covered are age appropriate and relevant. Each workshop has its own theme and is designed to develop core knowledge, skills and attitudes relating to money and money management.

Workshops on offer

The workshops have been divided into blocks, each with a specific learning objective.  A half day consists of two blocks and a full day is made up of four blocks.

Key Stage 1:  The Birthday Monday

Key topics and skills developed

  • To know that we need to look after our money
  • To know that we have needs and wants and that these may be different to others

Key Stage 2: The Holiday

Key topics and skills developed

  • To know about budgeting and keep simple financial records
  • To know that in other countries they have different currencies
  • To know and make choices about spending and saving
  • To recognise and understand the influences of money choices

* At KS1 only a half day workshop is offered KS3 and KS4 workshops for secondary schools are also available.

The workshops can be easily differentiated to take account of ability, and  if there are specific needs please do get in touch to discuss how we can best support your young people.

What is included?

When you enquire about a workshop, you will be able to discuss your needs with a member of our team. You will then be allocated a trainer, who will deliver the workshop to the young people in your school.

The trainer will bring with them all of the materials required to run the workshop, including:

  • An Activity Book for every young person
  • The interactive resources needed for the session
  • A PowerPoint to support the workshop

Date: we will come to your school to deliver the workshop on a date that suits you. Where possible please book at least 3 weeks in advance.

Maximum young people: The workshops have been designed to be delivered to up to 60 young people at a time.

Booking a workshop

To book a Money Matters workshop for your school or for further information, please download the Money Matters pdf, get in touch at or click below


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